Mansfield & Co Recruitment is a passionate, results oriented and human centric recruitment agency in Adelaide. Our experienced staff offer a fresh and personalised approach to the recruitment process.

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Are you looking to quickly upscale your team to meet a deadline, complete a new project or support your permanent staff for a short-term project? Mansfield & Co Recruitment is the ideal specialist recruiter for you. We’re on your side to help you hire the perfect person for your specific organisation.

Roles we specialise in:

Temp and contract placements

Our temporary recruitment service is loved by clients because of the reliability and ease that it provides. Whilst the length of our temp contracts range anywhere from one week to one year, we still ensure that the candidates we refer are a good match for your organisation and workplace culture.

Temp services work well for:

  • Leave coverage
  • Short term solutions
  • Backfilling
  • Trialling a new position
  • Peak or busy periods

Permanent recruitment

Engaging us to conduct an end to end recruitment service allows you to focus on your key responsibilities, whilst still being involved at critical stages of the recruitment process. Our permanent recruitment service includes:

  • Detailed, face to face job briefing
  • Digital advertising
  • Detailed, thorough and proactive searching
  • Resume collection and review
  • Screening of applications
  • Initial telephone interviews
  • Face to face interviews
  • Reference checks
  • Ongoing follow up and communication with both the candidate and employer

Our unique process

Our mission at Mansfield & Co Recruitment is to deliver actionable advice and practical solutions for your hiring needs. A lot of thought and care goes into every candidate placement that we make. It all starts from an authentic conversation with our clients which underpins everything we do.

Roles are placed with integrity, transparency and our renowned ability to form solid relationships. We put our clients and candidates first. For us, it’s about providing the right solutions that will impact your career or your business.

This is why Mansfield & Co Recruitment is regarded as one of the most trustworthy Adelaide recruitment services.

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